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Marco Flores

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Marco Flores, an accomplished composer and producer, has proved to be a true asset to the music industry throughout his career. Marco has garnered the attention of both critics and musicians alike with accolades such as ASCAP’s “Songwriter of the Year” in 2001. He has produced and written over 400 songs, four of which placed number one on Billboard’s charts in the same year (2000), and has achieved an impressive 14 platinum albums and 22 gold albums.

Marco was born in Mexico, a country that prides itself in developing artistic talent from a young age. At just nine years old, he formed a musical group with his brothers and sisters called “Hermanos y Amigos” (Brothers and Friends). The group toured through Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain and won first place in “Nuevos Valores,” a festival hosted by the former Mexican television personality Raul Velasco.

His parents realized that music ran through their son’s veins and enrolled him in the prestigious National Conservatory of Music in Mexico when he was just 10 years old. By 16, he had already begun writing his own songs. After eight years of vigorous musical training, he finished his studies in harmonies and orchestral arrangements and joined Televisa, a Mexican broadcast channel. After completing a course in orchestration, Marco (20 years old) debuted as an orchestra director at the OTI festival (a renowned International music festival that included all Spanish-speaking countries) with Oscar Athie. This made Marco the youngest orchestra director on record and led to working on soundtracks for films in Mexico.

In 1983, he was named songwriter of the year in the newspaper Heraldo de Mexico and began his professional career in producing and songwriting. Marco, at 23 years old, moved to Spain to produce records for artists like Pandora, Yuri and Oscar Athie. At 25, he began to work with Luis de Llano, an executive for Televisa Group, to help produce and compose music for groups, such as Timbiriche, Fresas, Kids, Kabah, and others; and television musicals such as Cachun, Cachun Ra Ra, Los Heraldos and Televiteatros. Marco also worked on the music for soap operas such as Alcanzar una Estrella, Agujetas de Color de Rosa, Cancion de Amor, DKDA, and more.

After a remarkable period of eight years, in which he produced 50 musical productions, 12 national films, and 6 television musicals, Marco relocated to Los Angeles, California and signed a contract with Famous Music / Paramount. This move helped to establish him as a composer and producer in the United States and allowed him the opportunity to work with artists such as Richard Marx, Luther Vandross, Selena, Barrio Boyzz, Donna Summer, Toni Braxton, Bonnie Rait and others.
At the end of his contract with Famous Music / Paramount, Marco signed on with Emilio Estefan for Estefan Enterprises where he produced artists such as Thalia, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Ponce, Jordi, Ricky Martin, Jose Feliciano and others. During this time, Marco relocated to Miami, Florida where he set up his production facilities, recording studio and the offices for Moonlight Music Corporation. At this time, Marco was also the president of MAF, a successful music production company in Mexico City, Mexico.
The company included Moonlight Music Production, Moonlight Music Studios, and Latin Beat Music Publishing (administered by ASCAP). Moonlight Music created music for individual artists, TV, motion picture soundtracks, and commercials. The company also specialized in Spanish coaching for US artists seeking an audience in the Latin market, as well as scouting and preparing new talent. Marco Flores and Moonlight Music made wonderful music together, winning Ascap’s “Song of the Year” again in 2003 and earning two number one’s on the Billboard charts with artists like Ricardo Montaner and Huey Dunbar.

With high demand for his songs from Univision, Sony, Warner, Televisa, BMG, EMI, and other labels, Marco decided to embark on an even greater challenge. In 2003 Moonlight Music Corporation closed its doors to give way to “Marco Flores” the album, produced by the prominent Roberto Livi. His self-titled album, now on sale, features romantic ballads written by him. Featuring his own voice accomplished a life-long dream for Marco and proved the singer/songwriter can go beyond making others shine with his harmonies by stepping into the spotlight and singing to his own tune.

In 2004, Marco moved back to Los Angeles to work on several TV and movie soundtracks, all released in 2006. He also signed a short-term publishing deal with Univision Music Publishing, one of the strongest labels in the Latin market.
In 2005 Marco collaborated on many new albums, including IL Divo with their first single “Regresa A Mi.” IL Divo, the self-titled debut album from the pop opera quartet, debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 Bestselling Albums and was featured on Oprah, The Today Show, and The View. The same year, Marco joined forces with Los Angeles agency Diverse Talent Group Inc. as head of their music division.

He has since diversified into film and television and founded his own multi-media company, Latin Beat LLC. His most recent venture in 2009 included joining Univision’s Sabado Gigante as music producer for the first and hugely successful segment, Diva Latina. In 2010, Marco began collaborations with Telemundo, producing all the music for the most successful Telemundo telenovela ‘Aurora’. His continued success with Telemundo translated to producing the principal song for the telenovela ‘Herederos del Monte’, and all of the music production as well as several songs for Telemundo’s hit ‘Flor Salvaje’, and the telenovela ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’, for which he won a BMI Music Award for best Musical Score in Latin TV Series. Marco concluded 2012 with the musical production for ‘Rosa Diamante’, another Telemundo hit, as well as composing and producing the album for the artist Eli entitled ‘En Tu Camino’. In 2013, Marco embarked on working on two new super music productions for Telemundo, ‘Pasion Prohibida’ and ‘El Señor de los Cielos’. In 2014, the success continued with two more major musical productions for Telemundo, ‘En Otra Piel’ and the most anticipated ‘El Señor de los Cielos 2′. In 2015, Marco won another BMI award for his musical production of El Señor de Los Cielos 2. And subsequently, won BMI awards for the musical production of El Señor de Los Cielos 3 & 4. He will celebrate his 35th career anniversary with a compilation of his greatest hits and brand new productions in film, television and music.

Marco Flores has had a three decade long career that has outlasted most in the industry. He is a producer, an artist, a songwriter, and a man that has won the hearts of the American and Latin audiences alike long before the term “cross over” existed. Celebrities and listeners of his creations have been inspired through decades of his music. Soon audiences will discover his stories made into film and episodic television. Through his productions, we shall continue to acknowledge the magic that happens behind the birth of an idea that is called a song, a story or simply art.

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