Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Eli and Marco, a music and beloved couple! Eli and Marco embark on new projects, including working together on the music for the Telemundo hit ‘Flor Salvaje’, now airing on Telemundo. Stay tuned for up coming songs composed and sung by both Eli and Marco!

Eli sings the new song called Flor Salvaje for the Telemundo hit ‘Flor Salvaje’, as well as other songs throughout ‘Flor Salvaje’.

Music from the telenovela ‘Flor Salvaje’ from Telemundo composed and produced by Marco Flores is now available in iTunes! Listen to the principal song of Flor Salvaje, called ‘Oyeme’, along with other hits sung by new artist Eli, including the theme song ‘Flor Salvaje’ and ‘En Tu Camino’, among other surprises available in the album. […]

The opening theme song to Una Maid en Manhattan, called ‘Amor Sin Final’ sung by Eugenio Siller, and written and produced by Marco Flores, is now available on iTunes! Get the full song now, and watch for other songs coming soon by Eugenio in the telenovela. Listen to a preview of the songs exclusively in […]

Eugenio Siller will be in the Club de Noveleras event in New York this Sunday May 15th! Be a part of this huge event sponsored by Telemundo. If you cannot make the event, don’t worry! You can tune in live on Sunday at around 2pm to see a live stream with Eugenio chatting and singing […]

Eugenio Siller empieca su debut como actor en los Estados Unidos, con la nueve novela de Telemundo ‘Aurora’. La historia, que luce muy interesante en los promocionales, gira en torno a la vida de Aurora, una hermosa joven de 20 años se enamora intensamente de Lorenzo, quedando embarazada de él. Al enterarse sus padres de […]