Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Listen to the opening song to Telemundo’s ‘Aurora’ as well as other songs such as ‘Si Llegara el Final’ in Eugenio Siller Official Site, produced by Marco Flores from Latin Beat, and sung by lead actor Eugenio Siller.

Latin Beat’s own Marco Flores (pictured here with the Legendary John Williams) wins a BMI Award for Best Score for Spanish Language TV Program, for his work in Telemundo’s Una Maid en Manhattan! This was Marco’s first BMI Award for TV scoring!

Marco Flores won the award for Best Score for a spanish language TV show, for his work on Telemundo’s ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’.

Eugenio Siller to star in new telenovela from Telemundo, called ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’! The main protagonists of the telenovela will be Eugenio and the Mexican actress Litzy. The show will begin to air during winter 2011. Stay tuned to Latin Beat for up to date news on Eugenio’s new starring role in ‘Una Maid [...]

Latin Beat will produce music for the successful segment from Sabado Gigante, Viva La Diva coming soon from Univision!

Eli, the album in stores now.  Listen to her album below!          

Eli and Marco, a music and beloved couple! Eli and Marco embark on new projects, including working together on the music for the Telemundo hit ‘Flor Salvaje’, now airing on Telemundo. Stay tuned for up coming songs composed and sung by both Eli and Marco!

Eli sings the new song called Flor Salvaje for the Telemundo hit ‘Flor Salvaje’, as well as other songs throughout ‘Flor Salvaje’.

Eugenio Siller and Latin Beat celebrate his success with the telenovela Aurora from Telemundo by releasing his greatest hits on iTunes! Throughout Aurora, Eugenio composed and sung various of the music from the show. Latin Beat is proud to have been part of the production of the music from Aurora. The Aurora Hits sung by [...]

Eli’s new album ‘En Tu Camino’, with a contemporary blend of latin, country, and regional mexican is coming to iTunes very soon! The album is produced by Marco Flores, and includes the hit En Tu Camino, from the telenovela ‘Flor Salvaje’. Stay tuned to LatinBeat for more news of the upcoming release by Eli!